Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Bit of Gardening on a Weekend

 My Sweet Peas. The more I pick, the more flowers I get.
 At Rose Garden, if you have cuttings of anything, they are brought along for swapping each week, 3 geranium cuttings I picked up are now flowering.

 Technology - our clothes line is under cover, great when it rains, but unfortunately the sparrows love to leave their calling cards. Hung the discs yesterday, didn't have to re wash the sheets, it worked, for how long, I don't know!!
 Salt and Pepper love digging the vegetable garden. We would plant a seedling and they would dig them back up. Sorry girls, you are are now banned. Put a plastic mesh border around it.
 Zucchinnis, capsicum, snow peas on the trellis and left the spinach growing through the mesh for the chooks to nibble on.
 Tomatoes, basil, spring onions, finger eggplant with marigolds to keep the bugs at bay.
 Harvested the garlic.
 Salt and Pepper.
Picked a huge bunch of rhubarb. 
The poor blueberry in the pot was destroyed by Harvey.
Only a stick left, will see if anything emerges from it.
Harvey came yesterday, took him for his first walk along the beach, not fond of water!!
 Apart from the roses and fruit trees in the front, majority of the garden is self seeded.
 Self seeded lavender. 
White Iris, another swap from Rose Garden.

Bearded Iris are so easy to grow. 


  1. Your gardens are looking lovely and growing well. My vegie garden is looking barren. I love the fragrance of sweet peas. My dad used to grow them.

  2. The gardens is looking good! And productive. We ate the first produce from our garden this week - a cauliflower and some broccoli. Forgot to photograph it.

    I hope the CDs keep working for you.

  3. What a beautiful and 'fruitful' garden!

  4. Your garden is looking beautiful. The rainy start to Spring has resulted in a stunning floral display.

  5. Ah ... envy arrives. More with each picture. Feral cats are the diggers of my seeds. I have tried setting pots of cacti between the beds, hoping to give them a chance.