Monday, October 31, 2016

Seoul, South Korea

It was one very long day, up at 4.30am to catch a 8.30am flight to Hong Kong, 90 minutes in transit, 3 hour flight to Seoul, checking into hotel at 11pm (2 hours behind home). Hit the pillows and couldn't sleep.
 Central Australia
 Leaving Australia over Darwin
 Clamshells to pass the time, unfortunately threw in the polyester cotton instead of 100% and it was static and hard to sew with.
 Hong Kong Airport always had a few exhibitions on in the terminals.
Ceramic teacups and pots. There was also lantern making for the children while they waited for flights.

After visiting Seoul Station to buy return ticket to the airport and a ticket for a day trip to Busan, hit the subway and pavement to visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty.
 Guard on duty
 There many young girls dressed in the Korean National Costume. Our Guide tod us that if you turn up dressed in this, you are admitted free, but it costs you more to hire the outfits!!! Every girl and guy had a selfie stick and a mobile phone in their hand!!
 Geunjeongjeon Hall, the main throne Hall of the Palace
 Gingko trees in abundance
 Autumn is coming to Korea
The main garden
 The Pavilion where the King held banquets for foreign envoys and the Royal Family enjoyed boating on the artificial pond.
 We revisited the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple. June 2015 was the Lantern Festival and as we walked towards the temple were greeted with an amazing spectacle of Chrysanthiums.

 We stood quietly with 100's of others listening to the Buddhist ceremony and chantings.



  1. Love your photos and the palace is worth visiting

  2. Golden ginkgos! Lovely. Mine now has leaves large enough to be seen from the house.

  3. Yarn bombed leaping fish! The colour everywhere is glorious.

  4. Although Korea is not far from Japan, the culture, architecture and way of displaying the Chrysanthemums are worlds apart. It must be very interesting for you to compare.
    Have a great stay and keep warm.

  5. The Palace is a fascinating place.