Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NGV Exhibition

Yesterday visited the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square to see the exhibition.
 "Spanish Encounter" 1960
Painted in 5 hours at Kings Cross showing Olsen's experiences of living in Spain.

 "Summer in the you beaut country".
Olsen was commissioned to paint the ceiling of art dealer Frank McDonald's residence ceiling.

 Several of his journals were displayed.
 The "Paella" Tapestry woven by members of the South Melbourne branch of the Australian Tapestry Workshop.
 The Terry Whelan suite tea and coffee dinner service, 
decorated by Olsen and pottery of NZ Robert Mair.
 Paintings of Lake Eyre

 "Popping Bluebottles" 2007


  1. Interesting. Different from what I normally choose to live with.

  2. There are so many ways to interpret this kind of art.