Monday, October 17, 2016

A Day of Weaving

My day yesterday was spent with Prue from Dyeing to Weave.

"Immerse yourself in the beautiful freestyle creativity of Japanese SAORI weaving as you create a gorgeous, unique scarf to take home! In this 5 hour session you will learn a range of SAORI weaving techniques, understand the philosophy and history of SAORI and enjoy a longer time at the loom to experiment with colour, yarns, technique and textured creativity."
 To these beautiful colours we added textures that we had brought along.
Recycled ribbons, wool, threads and threads.
 The looms are portable and after a short time we got into the theme of passing the shuttle through and weaving. It was extremely relaxing.
 My finished scarf.

 Jeann's scarf
....and Melanie's


  1. Beautiful scarf! Sounds like an interesting workshop, with great results.

  2. Saori weaving is a sure card! The finish is beautiful and with different colours and added odd bits and ends each scarf is unique.

  3. A beautiful workspace as well. The scarves all have that lovely touch me look.

  4. Lovely scarves. Looks a good days work.

  5. Great way to spend time and great results. I would have hd trouble settling with colors to use.