Monday, September 19, 2016

A Sunday Quilt In

Yesterday I attended the P and Q's Quilt In at Blackburn South. 
Guest speaker was Glenys Mann from Fibre Arts Australia who gave an excellent talk on her travels through Indonesia and India, from where she has collected fabrics.

 The stories of how the fabrics are woven and dyed was fascinating.

 The theme for the day was "Tribal".
All the quilts on display were of this theme including many using African fabrics.
5 shops were in attendance with lots of bargains.
Each seating had a tribal themed place mat for us to take home. 
It was a great day, even though I had forgotten all about it and was reminded on Saturday that I said I would go.


  1. Beautiful textiles and an interesting speaker makes for a good day out.

  2. The 5th picture shows something that looks like ebroidery, Is it a piece of Indian embroidered fabric?

  3. I think that would have been a good presentation. Each country and area has something unique when it comes to creating textiles. Sometimes those textiles make it all the way here and we don't really know "the rest of the story".