Monday, August 15, 2016

Willows Quilting Group Retreat

My weekend was spent at Lady Northcote YMCA Recreational camp at Bacchus Marsh.
I decided not to take my sewing machine this year and spent my time hand piecing small blocks using the Dutch Heritage fabric I bought on my last holiday.
40 ladies attended and there were not as many sewing machines taken as last year.

We stayed in the Yoogali Lodge, a huge building at the top of the hill with a large glass room in the middle. The sun streamed in over the weekend making it ideal for hand stitching with great light and the sun on our backs.
 Woke Saturday morning to a clear sky with the sun poking through the trees making them silhouetted.

 The camp is a children's school camp with a variety of activities. On my walk around the property noticed these mounds of sticks and leaves, would make a great cubby house to sit in and chat about your secrets and thoughts.
 A sliced log intrigued me. When I stood at an angle noticed the outline of an elephant unfortunately with his trunk missing. I walked past the back of the huge fallen tree log and it gave the impression of the back of the animal with a hind leg lying to the side.
 The view of the hills behind our lodge.
Sue M, pointed out this tree trunk, the bark rolled back to the bare trunk. 
Beautiful burgundy colours.
It is Wattle season. Sadly our beautiful National Australian Flora symbol is the product of hay fever in many people. The property was a mass of golden yellow.


  1. I was once brought to task for having wattle blossom in my classroom, apparently a symbol of death. Nevertheless a sunny, golden welcome to the warmer weather.

  2. Nice combination of retreat and nature. Every country seems to have it's own source of allergies. In Japan, it is the wind-bourn pollen of the cryptomeria trees. I was able to cure my husband's allergy by picking the male flowers and making a tea. One cup every morning during that season and he was completely cured within two years.