Monday, August 1, 2016

Quilt and Craft Show

 Jeff's Shed, was an interesting day. I spent more time this year viewing the Showcase of quilts than in previous years. I noticed the amount of stalls were down on previous, more stalls of knitting and paper crafts.
One of the exhibitions, were a lovely selection of the Patchwork of the Crosses quilts.
 "Denise Meets Lucy" by Denise Reynolds
 "Song of Lucy" by Mary Hitchens
 "Cross Purposes" by Lynette Blainey
 "Patchwork of the Crosses with a Twist" by Barbara Dellar
"Selkirk Crosses" by Alison Mitchell

Another of the exhibits were the BORO pieces.
"In boromono scraps and pieces of old textiles are given new life. Born of hardship, boro textiles recycle, mend, patch and reinforce for warmth.
Cotton and hemp cloth were so valuable and scarce in the poor northern parts of Japan, that every scrap was saved and reused. 
Cold snowy winters meant that jackets, kimono and sleeping covers all needed to be as warm as possible and so the stitching together of multiple layers was essential."

I loved this art quilt work, reminded me of a colouring book page.
 "Flutter By - Life" by Jocelyne Leath


  1. What a wonderful show. I love the Lucy Boston quilts, especially seeing one set on point. And the boro is such a nice selection too.

  2. Lucy Boston's patchwork bed covers are lovely; saw them in Tokyo Dome some years ago.
    Boro is a happy marriage of ragged and patched fabric, darning and quilting/embroidery.
    You must have enjoyed the day!