Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Weather for Ducks

 Last week at Rose Garden, it was miserable and cold. The rain was on and off.
I am on the weeper pruning team, thank goodness the weeper we were pruning protected us like an umbrella.
Across the garden came these 2 ducks, with not a care in the world for the rain.
 We have had very strong winds today, so strong, that we have no signal on the 2 TV's.
Rummaged through my stash and found a couple of pieces of border fabric for my "Mitsubishi" quilt, so called as the star reminds me of the car symbol and we drive 3 of them in the family.

Laid out the 1/2 sq triangles on the bed for the next border of a quilt, sewn 2 together, 6 to go.
Realised at 3pm, that I had not had the heater on all day, so busy, forgot that it was cold and 13 degrees throughout the house.
....it's on now.


  1. The Mitsi quilt is looking good!

    We had snow at 3pm.

  2. You must have been concentrating very hard on that border to not realise you didn't have the heater on! I am looking forward to seeing the quilt finished...in time for Willows exhibition.

  3. Working with the lovely Mitsubishi quilt kept you warm!!

  4. I can understand how your fingers would have stayed warm, but your toes! Perhaps some very cosy footwear. Love the border print and some familiar fabrics in the Mitsi quilt.

  5. Nice pair of ducks. We get exotic visitors in the winter but have never seen a pair like that. I am hoping by the time winter comes, I will have something in the hoop to keep warm under while I work.

  6. Love the Mitsubishi quilt. Looking forward to seeing it with the border attached.