Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Journey - One Place to Another" - Winter School

 Shelley, our wonderful tutor from the U.K.
 Shelley's samples of stitching. 
She is writing a book during 2017 and I look forward to it being published. We were given some fantastic tips and ideas. I had to learn that "less is more".
Also not to be so regimented with stitching and placing of fabric/paper with straight edges.
The rotary cutter never came into view from the bottom of the bag!!!
 For the Top Table (each class has a turn at sitting at the special table), the class is asked to make something to decorate the table, the pieces are auctioned off at Monday night's formal (no dress or bow tie expected) dinner, money goes to MIND Charity.
Our class made long lengths of samples and rolled them together. 
 Some pieces from our class at the exhibition last night.
 Francie made a book relating to her family's journey.
This page dedicated to her Father.
 Dedicated to her Mother.
 Francie's little rabbit is drawn from her first embroidery she did as a little girl.
 Dale's journey.
 L-R, Fran's journey to India. Louise's journey from the gate post of her property to the back of the property. Jan's journey around the perimeter of the school building.
 Jan's journey.
 Louise's journey of the school.
 Annette's journey.
 A way of displaying the left over pieces of our samples, bulldog clip and hang them.
Mine is the one with black ginkgo leaves. 
 Helen's journey of Tasmania. She attended a Textile Workshop, the building next door had been pulled down and someone had swept all the nails, wires etc into a pile and left them outside, where they became rusted.
 Jenny's Journey.

 Jenny joined many pieces together with sticks.
My "Journey through the Seasons of Japan"
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.


  1. You have all had interesting journeys and I am sure you will have fond memories of making the travel logs.

  2. A fantastic process to share resulting in so many different responses to the same class.

  3. So, does that make you want to return on another journey to Japan, or are you thinking of more journeys around the globe?

  4. From your posts you all seem to have had an amazing time in Ballarat

  5. I think my favourite is your Spring though I really like Summer, too.

  6. Love your Japan journey. Some beautiful work produced.