Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 4 @ Winter School

Saturday is half day, with a free afternoon. John came up and took me out for coffee and a walk around the lake......besides....I needed a few things.
 The daffodils are flowering at the front gate.

 We had a visitor to our class, the resident school cat. Got onto the teachers table and scrounged around in her work!!! His name is Woodbridge, named after the school building where he makes himself at hone.
Laid out my 4 strip of seasons, needs to have some taken off, easier to take off when they are not attached.
My tidy table, not for long though!!


  1. Beginning to see where the pre-work fits in. Thank you for the progress reports, you are on quite a journey.

  2. It is fun to join your class, even from a distance. Thanks

  3. I can also see where the early work comes in to play.