Friday, July 1, 2016

Another Day at Winter School

We were shown how to make a simple writing pen out of a drink can.

 A fine point and a wide point nib.
 We were asked to start writing with our dominant hand and then change to the other.
Top 2 lines - I am left handed and the writing below it with my right hand.
Our writing was not to be perfect but scrawled with character.
 After the drying of the ink, used the nib in the dirty rinsing water  between the lines. 
 Not too bad for someone who is not right handed.
 Our next sheet consisted of labels. Interesting, as I started to take off the labels, the bits of the decorated sheet didn't look anything like it was.
 Our afternoon was taken up with preparing more sheets of paper with stencils made out of polystyrene and a printing plate. I bought a bottle of Chinese ink and a fine haired pen came with it. Worked over the sheets with fine brushstrokes.

 3 steps of bird's footprints in the snow.

 My finished piece of the 50 paces walk around the school building.
Tree at the front door.
Brick wall of the building.
Moss on the branches of a tree.
 A tradesman leaned planks of wood against a door.
Another plant in the garden.
Bark from the gum tree.
Cyclone fencing.
Along the edge of the school building are beds of white stones.


  1. Fascinating exercises! How long are you there for?

  2. What fun. Interesting way to free up your writing.

  3. Letters are works of art in themselves; you have stretched the borders with the home made pen, writing with the hand that is not used to writing and seeing things in a new light.
    Your 50 pace walk piece of art has a lot of unity because of the few colours and shades you are using.
    I am sure you are having a great time.

  4. I am also left handed and learned to write with a dip pen. I do think that lefties are better at making the switch to right than the other way around. That certainly is a very interesting class.

  5. Love what you are doing Jenni. It is a very very interesting class, I'm sure you're loving it.