Thursday, June 30, 2016

Winter School at Ballarat - Day 2

Winter School at Ballarat Grammar started off with a blustery cold wind pushing us along the path.....a tail wind.
I am doing a 5 day class with U.K. tutor, Shelley Rhodes called "From One Place to Another",
involving a journey. Our day was spent making back ground papers.

 Our next activity was to sketch something on the papers reflecting our journey, using the following in order:
Pencil, Fine Liner, Chalk and then we were asked to used our opposite hands.
 My theme for my journey is the 4 Seasons of Japan.
We were asked to collect things related to our journey for inspiration.

The heavens opened this afternoon with torrential rain.
The clearing after the storm.
Another exercise for today was to join strips of paper, approx. 6cm x 100cm.
We then walked the perimeter of the classrooms, stopped after walking 50 paces and quickly sketched something that took our eye. Walked another 50 paces....and so on.
Our rooms were quite cool last night, with a problem with the heater, all fixed this morning.
Our room mate and friend....we miss you, thinking of you, Love Jenni and Jeann xxx


  1. What an interesting course! This will be a great way to show off the Japanese seasons, with kanji calligraphy, sashiko, prints, origami, Hakone intarsia and leaves.

  2. I miss being there with you. Looks like you have a very interesting tutor and course. Sooooo glad you now have the heating fixed.

  3. A very full and challenging day, interested to hear what happens next. Good to see some signature Jenni elements in your work.

  4. We could use a bit of that cold air over here.
    It does sound like an interesting course and I think I detect a bit of inspiration.