Sunday, June 19, 2016

Exhibition at Yehring Station

Lunch at Yehring Station Winery for a birthday today.
In the wine tasting area there is a gallery that always has fabulous exhibitions of art, textiles, pottery etc. Today we were lucky that 2 were exhibiting. 

"Festive Journey" by Nikki Perzuck.
Nikki is a Melbourne based artist who uses vibrant colour and dynamic abstraction in the creation of works that invite viewers to explore Australian Landscapes with fresh eyes and an uplifted spirit.
 "Scape Artist....evolving forms" by Nellie Zimmerman.
Nellie emigrated from Russia as a young child. Her art portrays themes of strength, perseverance and regeneration, all themes that reflect both the bold and colourful characters of her childhood and the rugged beauty of the Australian landscape.

 After lunch we went geocaching and found a couple in the Yarra Glen township.
 This one was hidden in the hollow of a tree in the park.
The co-ordinates made it easy to find.
After the find, you sign your username on the record paper.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day out!

  2. A day filled with art, food, wine, good company and adventure.

  3. The weather certainly doesn't stop the family getting out and about. Who's birthday?