Saturday, June 4, 2016

Exhibition at Wangaratta Performing Arts

Gallery Collection in Miniature
 A sample of the exhibits. 
 Brenda Gael Smith
"High Country Lupins #2"
 Esme Emerson
"Autumn Fire"
Woven Textiles
 June Brown
"Storm, Fire, Sunrise - Sky Series"

 Valerie Kirk
"Roots and Leaves"
Woven Tapestry, my apologies for the hand reflections, not the easiest of galleries to photograph in.
Unfortunately I was at the Gallery a day too early for the exhibition below.

Petite Miniature Textiles – Biennial Exhibition

4 June – 17 July 2016

Our fifth biennial Petite – Miniature Textiles exhibition goes from strength to strength, with artists from around the country participating in this project, displaying contemporary textiles that are no larger than 30x30x30cm.
Techniques and themes exploring everything from the joy of pure colour, texture and decoration, through to more serious contemplation on environmental and social issues and elements that propel textiles into the realm of art.

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  1. It is nice to see more and more framed fibre arts and quilts; the frame adds value and I am sure art critics will take a quilt more seriously if it is 'framed' or included in an installation. It's sad that traditional needlework that women do, like quilts or embroidered initials on tea towels, have seldom been seen as 'art'.