Thursday, June 30, 2016

Winter School at Ballarat - Day 2

Winter School at Ballarat Grammar started off with a blustery cold wind pushing us along the path.....a tail wind.
I am doing a 5 day class with U.K. tutor, Shelley Rhodes called "From One Place to Another",
involving a journey. Our day was spent making back ground papers.

 Our next activity was to sketch something on the papers reflecting our journey, using the following in order:
Pencil, Fine Liner, Chalk and then we were asked to used our opposite hands.
 My theme for my journey is the 4 Seasons of Japan.
We were asked to collect things related to our journey for inspiration.

The heavens opened this afternoon with torrential rain.
The clearing after the storm.
Another exercise for today was to join strips of paper, approx. 6cm x 100cm.
We then walked the perimeter of the classrooms, stopped after walking 50 paces and quickly sketched something that took our eye. Walked another 50 paces....and so on.
Our rooms were quite cool last night, with a problem with the heater, all fixed this morning.
Our room mate and friend....we miss you, thinking of you, Love Jenni and Jeann xxx

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Exhibition at Yehring Station

Lunch at Yehring Station Winery for a birthday today.
In the wine tasting area there is a gallery that always has fabulous exhibitions of art, textiles, pottery etc. Today we were lucky that 2 were exhibiting. 

"Festive Journey" by Nikki Perzuck.
Nikki is a Melbourne based artist who uses vibrant colour and dynamic abstraction in the creation of works that invite viewers to explore Australian Landscapes with fresh eyes and an uplifted spirit.
 "Scape Artist....evolving forms" by Nellie Zimmerman.
Nellie emigrated from Russia as a young child. Her art portrays themes of strength, perseverance and regeneration, all themes that reflect both the bold and colourful characters of her childhood and the rugged beauty of the Australian landscape.

 After lunch we went geocaching and found a couple in the Yarra Glen township.
 This one was hidden in the hollow of a tree in the park.
The co-ordinates made it easy to find.
After the find, you sign your username on the record paper.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Stash Scrap "From the Heart" A Sampler Quilt by Lori Smith

 This week have sewn all the blocks together.
Laid it out on the carpeted garage floor, needs some stretching to get it into shape.
Next 2 borders are 58 x 3" and 66 x 3" half square triangles with a plain border separating them.
Pleased that I have not bought any fabric toward this quilt. All out of my stash.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sun, Sea and Blue Skies

Flew to Sydney, picked up a car and spent 4 days in Newcastle, to attend a birthday.
The weather was a warm 21 degrees.
 The breakwater looking back at the Coastguard's lighthouse in Newcastle.

 Wall art.
 Fascinating edges along the breakwater.
Italian Grotto 
Drove to the Hunter Valley Gardens for the day.
The gardens were the mastermind of Bill and Imelda Roche, owners of Nutrimetics.
They sold the company and started the planning of the gardens, to include 10 different themes.
 Oriental Garden
 Brokeback Brumbies
 Border Garden
 Formal Garden
 Children's Storybook Garden
The Rose Garden's beautiful mosaic table.
 The Lake Walk
 They built the Wedding Chapel by the Lake for their daughter.
Canadian Fur tees, turn orange during winter.
 The next morning we drove to Nelson Bay for lunch.
 Coastal Banksia
 Sat above the cliffs and watched the morning surfers do their thing.
Norah Head lighthouse, on the drive back to the airport.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Exhibition at Wangaratta Performing Arts

Gallery Collection in Miniature
 A sample of the exhibits. 
 Brenda Gael Smith
"High Country Lupins #2"
 Esme Emerson
"Autumn Fire"
Woven Textiles
 June Brown
"Storm, Fire, Sunrise - Sky Series"

 Valerie Kirk
"Roots and Leaves"
Woven Tapestry, my apologies for the hand reflections, not the easiest of galleries to photograph in.
Unfortunately I was at the Gallery a day too early for the exhibition below.

Petite Miniature Textiles – Biennial Exhibition

4 June – 17 July 2016

Our fifth biennial Petite – Miniature Textiles exhibition goes from strength to strength, with artists from around the country participating in this project, displaying contemporary textiles that are no larger than 30x30x30cm.
Techniques and themes exploring everything from the joy of pure colour, texture and decoration, through to more serious contemplation on environmental and social issues and elements that propel textiles into the realm of art.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The 3 B's - Benalla, Bright and Beechworth

We decided to take a drive and headed for Bright, where we stayed overnight.
 Coming into Benalla off the Hume Highway, stopped at the park for a leg stretch.
Melbourne was fogged in when we left at 8am, we arrived to sunshine and blue skies.
Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop.
 The Ceramic Mural started as a Community Art Project in 1983 by artist Judy Lorraine.
Set on the edge of Lake Benalla, it invites passers-by to sit and relax.

 Potters, students and indigenous artists made and lined the area with these tiles.

 Fascinating arches of the bridge leading into Benalla.

 Stopped outside Bright for a picnic lunch.
A lot of the leaves are still yet to fall.
 Apart from vineyards, Myrtleford was a tobacco growing region.
These are drying kilns. Many of them have been made into Bed and Breakfast accommodations.
 Came home via Beechworth, where we just had to call into the famous bakery for a pie and pasty for dinner tonight while watching the football.
The stone facade of the Ovens District Hospital. Opened in 1857, dismantled in 1940.
It served the whole of the N.E. region of Victoria. In it's first 5 years, treated 3600 patients, with 100 beds.
Ned Kelly in the Beechworth Bakery.
Looking towards Mt Bogong.