Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Federation Tapestry

 I spent the afternoon at Melbourne Museum researching and gathering ideas for 4 textile pieces I have to make under the theme of Gondwana.
Sent downstairs to the Discovery Centre, I met Paleontologist, Wayne, who spent time with me researching and giving me ideas. He showed me drawers of fossils and selected books from his library with pictures. A wonderful afternoon.
If you hold a Seniors Card, free entry into the Museum.
I wanted to see the Federation Tapestry, "one people united in peace" and was not disappointed, incredible work.
The tapestry was designed and made by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop to mark the centenary of Australia's birth as a nation.
24 weavers worked approx 20,000 hours to create 10 panels.
The tapestry presents some of the great themes of the Australian story, dispossession, settlement, adaptation, the land of celebration and hope. 
 "Home Sweet Home"
 "The Heidelberg School"
 "Federation Celebrations Melbourne 1901"
 "Celebrations 2001"
 "Making Do".
 "And Now Exploration and Settlement are Underway"
 "Alone in the Bush"
 "Ngak Ngak in Limmen Bight River Country"
 "We All Live In Australia"
 Collection of sewing machine in the "Melbourne" exhibits.


  1. Wow, what a productive visit to the Museum. It is such a great resource - love your photos of the tapestry.

  2. I am expecting wonderful pieces from you for the Gondwana theme. You have certainly put in a lot of research.