Thursday, May 26, 2016

Late Autumn Red

 A drive to Trenthem, for a lunchtime bowl of hot pumpkin soup, and saw in the lane way, this beautiful late colouring Japanese Maple.

 Filled a bag of fallen leaves to take home,
our chooks love to scratch around in the leaves.
Our 10am morning tea meeting at Rose Garden was interrupted by this extremely vocal young magpie, lovely brown grey feathers. Protective Mum was not far away.


  1. Such lovely autumn pictures. Glad to see those leaves re-purposed.
    We have Azure-winged Magpies here in Tokyo but they seem to have left my neighbourhood for better pickings elsewhere.

  2. Lovely to see the autumn colours when we are approaching the rainy season in Japan.

  3. Love the colours in autumn.Remember one year a drive through Mt Macedon early May - just beautiful.

  4. Glorious colour in that tree!

  5. There is some inspiration below the tree for a garden wall.