Friday, May 13, 2016

Gondwana Challenge Idea

Our 12"x16" challenge is due in June. 
I have started several pieces, only to discard them as I was not happy. In my tin of collected textile papers, I found a tissue world map, that a new pair of Colorado shoes came wrapped in.
 As Gondwana broke up, Australia drifted northwards as an island. 
Tore it apart and will work out a placement of the map.
 Dried tea bag papers will be placed in among the map. Free motion stitched down. 
Wayne from Melbourne Museum, mentioned that there was not a lot colour in the fauna and land. Shades of brown and grey were prominent.
 Drying more tea bags.
 Among the conifer forests of the rift valley were relatives of the Gingko.
Gingoites (ging-co-eye-tees) were common, related to the modern day tree, Gingko biloba.
 Today's leaf shape are very different to the above.
Friends know that I love these trees, thank you Jeanette for giving me some leaves off your tree.
They have been drying under my cutting mat.
Final idea.
I have been given some organza (thank you Jeann), stitch a large fossil leaf in the middle of the piece over the maps and tea bag papers.


  1. Your ideas are forming and coming together well, looking forward to seeing the final piece.

  2. I'm another gingko fan.

    This should be a very interesting challenge piece. You have put a lot of thought and research into it.

  3. You have put a lot of thought and hard work into this project. Aren't the leaves beautiful?