Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Block for Tokyo

Fellow blogger, Queenie, from Japan, has invited me to participate in the Partnership blocks for the 2017 Tokyo Quilt Festival. I had the thrill of meeting Queenie, Julie and Tanya at this year's festival.
The theme for 2017 is "Gardening"
This year 8,000 plus 15x15cm blocks were made and a group of quilters pieced the blocks together for Charity quilts.
As it has to be posted to Japan asap, due date June, a very quick and simple idea was appliqued.


  1. You are one up ahead of me as I had forgotten that the deadline had been pushed up this year. Thanks for the reminder. I need to put my thinking cap on! Will we see you at the show next year?

  2. Well, Queenie has a new friend to nag into participation and I will have to nag her for the details. I love your block and I was also thinking of a watering can ... maybe with a cardinal perched on the handle. The size may make it a bit more difficult but last show they had over 60 quilts so maybe they want to cut the work of quilting so many.

  3. Great job, Jenni! You are so quick, and have made a most charming block. I am looking forward to seeing it in 'the flesh' in Tokyo next year. I hope you will be there to see it, too!
    Unlike Julie and like Tanya I haven't made a plan for my block yet. As you say time is getting nearer, but please note that the deadline is JULY 31. Now with international mail and scanning for security, it is good to post things well in time. The birthday card I made recently arrive too late due to security screening.

  4. What a fun block! Beautiful work!