Sunday, May 29, 2016

Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show

May 28-29  9am - 4pm
Mt Waverley Community Centre, Miller Crescent, Mt Waverley
If you are in the area, pop in, excellent exhibition.
A few of the quilts that took my fancy.

 "Childhood Memories by Marisol Gormaz

 "Country Living Four Patch" by Julia Christie

  "Threads of Our Lives" by Sandra Deery

 McGuffey (Japanese Log Cabin)" by Lynette Thompson
 "Charming Addition" by Helen Kruse
 "Colourful Houses" by Gale Wickes

 "True Blue Raider of My Stash" by Naomi Hynes

 "Birdsville" by Dianne Schwab-Eichler

 "Rainbow Baby" by Naomi Hynes

"Red and White and Hexed All Over" by Anne Andrews

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Late Autumn Red

 A drive to Trenthem, for a lunchtime bowl of hot pumpkin soup, and saw in the lane way, this beautiful late colouring Japanese Maple.

 Filled a bag of fallen leaves to take home,
our chooks love to scratch around in the leaves.
Our 10am morning tea meeting at Rose Garden was interrupted by this extremely vocal young magpie, lovely brown grey feathers. Protective Mum was not far away.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Flight Experience - Japan

This morning I honoured my Christmas present voucher with a flight in the 737 Simulator at the Queen Vic Centre. I could choose from 24,000 airports to fly into as the Captain of the plane. 
I chose Narita, Japan. After a 5 minute instruction on the controls the pilot instructed me in the take off from Tullamarine airport. 
 After gaining altitude flew by Mt Fuji, banked to the left, circled and I landed the plane, then ran to the end of the run way and took off again. Circled and landed again, taking the plane to a stop and in to the terminal.
I loved every bit of the experience. The pilot told me I did extremely well. John and Emma were sitting in the rear seats and said, much to their surprise, the whole flight, landing etc was very smooth. I have now found muscles in my arms that I didn't know I had.
Perhaps it helped that I had started learning to fly in my 20's. Never finished it.
Best of all....I didn't crash!!!

 On the way to lunch we went Geochaching, found a couple down lane ways and came across these walls.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"Arrival of the Rajah Quilt"

As I was heading in the direction this morning, I called in to see the exhibiting of the quilt at the Abbotsford Convent.
 Over 60 collaborators from across Australia came together with lead artist Eva Heiky Olga Abbinga, to create a 7m wide sculpture paying homage to one of Australia's most precious artworks.
  The Rajah Quilt was originally quilted by some of the 180 female convicts on board the Rajah Ship during it's 3 month journey from England to Van Diemen's Land in 1841. 
 Several members of my Quilting Guild partook in the making of this quilt.
The fabrics were hand dyed by Eva. I spent time chatting with her and she explained in detail her visions for this sculpture.
 Exhibiting finishes on Sunday 22 May.
(free entry)

The original Rajah Quilt (currently on display in Canberra) is coming to the NGV in July .

Monday, May 16, 2016

Gondwana 1 - Splitting Lands

Final piece finished.
 I tore the map into sections, free motioned stitch was used and added the tea bag paper with tacking stitches to hold in place.
 I found a piece of fabric in my stash of leaves and over the top of it added a strip of tea stained organza. Stitched leaves were added to represent fossil plates seen in the Museum. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Gondwana Challenge Idea

Our 12"x16" challenge is due in June. 
I have started several pieces, only to discard them as I was not happy. In my tin of collected textile papers, I found a tissue world map, that a new pair of Colorado shoes came wrapped in.
 As Gondwana broke up, Australia drifted northwards as an island. 
Tore it apart and will work out a placement of the map.
 Dried tea bag papers will be placed in among the map. Free motion stitched down. 
Wayne from Melbourne Museum, mentioned that there was not a lot colour in the fauna and land. Shades of brown and grey were prominent.
 Drying more tea bags.
 Among the conifer forests of the rift valley were relatives of the Gingko.
Gingoites (ging-co-eye-tees) were common, related to the modern day tree, Gingko biloba.
 Today's leaf shape are very different to the above.
Friends know that I love these trees, thank you Jeanette for giving me some leaves off your tree.
They have been drying under my cutting mat.
Final idea.
I have been given some organza (thank you Jeann), stitch a large fossil leaf in the middle of the piece over the maps and tea bag papers.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Among the Wildlife

Saturday, under beautiful blue skies, I spent the day at the Melbourne Zoo.
I was given a "behind the scenes experience with the gorillas" from Emma.
Sadly, it was cancelled at the last minute, due to the birth of a new baby gorilla.
My last visit to the zoo must have been 10 years ago. It has changed a lot.

 Peter Pan
 These woven hanging pots are in the new monkey enclosure, their food is hidden in them.
 You can now walk through the monkeys and observe them from these woven huts.
 A date with the Gorillas at a later time.
 The butterfly enclosure.

  Beautiful orchids for the butterflies to hover over.
 A baby elephant is due any day now.

 Illuminated coral sculptures in the underwater aquarium.
 Cheeky little Penguins.
 Beautiful Sth African Proteas.

 These baby Meerkats would not leave each other's side.
Kings of the Jungle.