Saturday, April 30, 2016

"What Do You Collect?"

I was reading blogging friend Julie's, My Quilt Diary (blog reading list), this morning.
Julie posted her collection of cats. I commented over breakfast about it, and the reply came back, that's easy, Boxes and Containers!!!
Yes, I do have a "thing" for them. 
 Next said was, "you always have to have some sort of a box to come home with, that you have found on holidays. 
I am easy for family gift giving, just give me a box and I will be purring like Julie's cat collection.
 Emma bought me this little woven container from Kenya.
 Puzzle box and container from Hakone, Japan.
 Single Wedding Ring pattern, box bought in Boston, USA.
 Sweet container from Dubai.
It is lined with red felt, the lady in the shop told me that you buy it, fill with sweets and chocolate dates, present it to the family who has invited you for dinner.
She was a little puzzled when I asked her if I could buy just the box!!!
 Yokohama, Japan. Padded paper box.
 Fan box from Bird in the Hand, Amish County, Philadelphia, USA. 
 Scquilters Bendigo Retreat find in the antique shop.
 I use it to keep my braids, ribbons etc for embellishing fabric Postcards.
 Found this tin, in a little haberdashery shop, Beaune, France.
It speaks for it's self with the Eiffel Tower on the lid.
Collection of small tins over the years. Each has it's own purpose for holding textile embellishments.
"What do you Collect"???


  1. I think I could say that I collect old movies. I love the fashions, buildings, vehicles and the old movie stars. There is often dancing (Fred and Ginger) and seldom any violence.

  2. Oh yes, there are containers that are just too nice to pass up! Hakone makes some terrific ones, as you have and there are some great lacquerware stacking boxes... and I have a whole box of boxes in case I need to mail something....

  3. You have a lovely collection of boxes!

    I don't know that I collect much these days. I have a collection of toys from cereal boxes from when I was a kid. And I have all the AQC badges except one I missed when they sold out before I got there.

  4. What a lot of gorgeous boxes you have. I am trying to think of things I collect. Maybe, fabric, threads and textile stuff.

  5. Love your boxes Jenni. I collect boxes too.

  6. A great assemblage of boxes made all the more precious because each has a special association for you. Besides sewing machines and accessories I collect vintage sewing books. My travel souvenir is usually a piece of art glass.

  7. Great collection! And such a useful theme, boxes are practical items. They come in all shapes and sizes, can be filled with treasures and are often very decorative. Glad to see so many from Japan. Next time you visit you will have to get a lacquer box!

  8. Too bad my boxes are al spread out around the house hither and yon.. And for some reason they are usually empty which seems a waste of space. I wonder if I could get my act together and make a display.