Thursday, April 28, 2016

Victoria State Rose Garden

 Left home at 8am for the Rose Garden, arrived to a beautiful display of blooms under a lovely blue sky and warm breeze.
As volunteers, we are surprised at the late mass blooming of the roses.
We start pruning them the first week in July.
A selection from Petal C and D.
 "Joy of Life"
 "Oranges and Lemons"
 I work on the Weepers with Geoff, Bev and Ann.
We are also surprised that our weepers are still flowering.
Many of them are covered in hips, but also covered in buds.
 My "volunteer adopted" rose.
"Savoy Hotel"
 Avenue of "Bridal Pink"


  1. Savoy Hotel is doing very well under your care, a beautiful rose.

  2. My roses are still budding and blooming. Decided to cut some for inside. I love the fragrance.