Friday, April 15, 2016

Make and Take 1 - BORO

Booked a place in this Make and Take workshop.
 Our kit comprised of scraps, thread and a packet of Sashiko needles.
 BORO, meaning rags. 
Scraps are placed over each other to fill in the space and then stitched.


  1. I smile when I see creative patching now becoming popular. I have been patching torn jeans with applique but maybe I should do it this way now that it is coming in style.

  2. After torn garments, especially jeans, became fashionable it is now time for the Japanese patching of old clothes to reach the world of decorative quilting. Instead of mending things we wear we celebrate recycling on the wall. Boro has a great beauty in itself, especially when you add a tough of red as you have done. Beautiful work, Jenni.