Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Our ANZAC Day public holiday took us for a drive to Clunes, not far from Ballarat.
A busy little town with hoards of people enjoying the sunshine after the morning Dawn Service at it's local memorial. Clunes was one of the first towns to strike gold in the Gold Rush, 1851.
 Corrugated iron and old windows go well together.
 This Drapery shop door, could no doubt tell a lot of stories of the ladies entering it for their haberdashery and linen supplies. I wonder what fabrics it sold for quilts?
 The era of hanging wallpaper.
 Bottles of yesteryear were so attractive compared to the ones of today.
 Window display in the Union Bank 1865
 Buildings and shops fronts that have stood the test of time.
 The Town Hall and Police Court, 1872.
Autumn sunshine and fallen leaves.
Sitting by Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, for a late lunch.


  1. And you could have come by to see the house, except that we weren't home. What a shame. Next time you are going through/past Ballarat, let me know!

  2. The bottles are pretty, but dangerous. Much harm came from accidentally consuming the wrong liquid. I prefer the safety caps we have now. Love all the faded grandeur!

  3. Looks like a charming old town. It was a beautiful sunny day to go for a drive