Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A4 Weather Challenge

"Broken Drought"
I saw a documentary on TV, of land that was riddled by drought, the storms came and the time lapse  photography showed the green grass returning.

The time lapse was over 96 hours. 
After heavy rain, the grass appeared in the puddles on the cracked land,
24 hours, the grass was several inches in height and after 96 hours the grass had started to seed. Over the 4 days, the colour of the soil changed.


  1. Wonderful interpretation. The combination of machine and hand stitching gives the piece a lovely delicacy.

  2. Perfect stormy background fabric.

  3. Jenni, I tried not to look at this because I haven't done my challenge yet. But it really caught my eye. It looks absolutely fabulous!

  4. You have made a beautiful quilt out of a tragic climate problem. I agree the background fabric is JUST right!