Saturday, March 5, 2016

Obsessive Autumn Colours

 I needed another sketch book for Fibre Arts classes.
On my last few pages of the previous one, with this year's classes, will fill it.
The silk screen pieces, would make a good cover.
Or so I thought.....I seem to have a "thing" about Autumn tones and colours. 
I do dress in these colours as they suit me. 
 Sewed them in the configuration that I was taught in a Lisa Walton workshop.
Used a green as the edge binding....
......then I realised they were in the same tones as my previously covered sketch book.
Even to the extent that I used some of the same fabrics.
The book was tucked away in the "next class requirements" box, in the wardrobe out of sight.
Can the word "consistent" be used?


  1. They both look good, anyway! Nothing wrong with being consistently good.

  2. That would make a beautiful autumn table runner. I like those colors too ... of course I have an autumn birthday so maybe I am partial.

  3. Seems more like a series to me, and a well executed one at that.

  4. the screen printed 'bits' came up well.