Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trees and Icebergs

This morning I went for a walk along the Williamstown foreshore.
Coming back, on one side of the street were a row of beautiful Paperbark trees.
I didn't have the heart to peel off some of the bark, though it was tempting, as I love anything to do with paper.

 On the other side of the street were beautiful Eucalyptus trees, from one extreme to the other, no peeling bark.
Called into the Point Cook Community Centre on the way home to see a photographic exhibition on Iceland....EXCELLENT.
(no photos allowed)
"Jokulsarlon is a glacial lagoon on the south coast of Iceland. The area is frequently battered by wind and heavy rain and received a lot of ash and dust from the 2010 eruption. The ice floats out to sea through a narrow channel and is often washed back onto the black lava sand beach by storms and tides".
The photos were a stark contrast of black, grey and vivid blues of the ice.
Finishes April 6, 2016.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Lighthouse

A drive took us to our favourite area of the bay.
 Point Lonsdale Pier, an emotional visit as I don't know if my brother's wishes have been fulfilled, the scattering of his ashes off the pier. Peter spent many happy hours fishing off the end.

 Sadly the rocks are no longer safe to climb.
 I spent many a Sunday, standing on the edge of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse watching the dive boat pass through the heads of Port Phillip Bay and turn right.
 John would stand at the back of the club boat and wave to Emma and I as they headed out to scuba dive on the J Class Submarines.
The club has now folded, so many happy memories.

Monday, March 28, 2016

A Message.....

A Sunday drive up to the Dandenongs yesterday, bought us to a cafe for some afternoon tea.
Turned around and saw this on the wall.
Text it off this morning to a special friend who is going through a hiccup in her life, 
with the message,
"just a little something to start off a new week".

Size Does Matter

First bit of sewing for Easter Monday morning.
Our King size doona needed a new cover.
At the Boxing Day sales, bought a new one.
Washed it, put it on and there was approx 15 inches hanging in excess on one side.
Folded them in half, measured, had to cut 6.5 inches off each side of the cover.
The doona is also too long.
The excess at the bottom will at least, keep our toes warm in winter.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Red Cross Signature Quilt Exhibition

Millrose Cottage, Ballan, hosted the Red Cross Signature Exhibition.
A small selection of the exhibited quilts.

Help Poster Quilt

 Squares signed by members of the Red Cross Committees.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Finished Flying Geese

 Scrap Flying Geese.
80" x 88"
Judy from Wheatsheaf Quilting, quilted with a feather pattern.

Laneway Trail

A drive to Daylesford this afternoon, we came across a sign for a Gallery.
Walked up (literally uphill) the laneway, behind a shop, to these signs.

 The Gallery Shop is owned by a lady from Norway. 
She explained to me that the stained glass windows and door surrounds, were made by herself.
 The patterns were taken from a Norwegian Knitting book.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Quiet Evening

Wandered through Docklands before heading to the football last night.

 Fish and chips sitting by the marina before heading across the road.
 The siren was about to sound.
It was a quiet night, after half time there was not a lot of barracking to be heard by my team supporters.
Picked up my 2016 Membership scarf. The roof was opened, grateful for it's warmth, became rather cool with a steady breeze. Thankfully no rain.
Despite the result, a pleasant evening out.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Obsessive Autumn Colours

 I needed another sketch book for Fibre Arts classes.
On my last few pages of the previous one, with this year's classes, will fill it.
The silk screen pieces, would make a good cover.
Or so I thought.....I seem to have a "thing" about Autumn tones and colours. 
I do dress in these colours as they suit me. 
 Sewed them in the configuration that I was taught in a Lisa Walton workshop.
Used a green as the edge binding....
......then I realised they were in the same tones as my previously covered sketch book.
Even to the extent that I used some of the same fabrics.
The book was tucked away in the "next class requirements" box, in the wardrobe out of sight.
Can the word "consistent" be used?