Thursday, February 4, 2016

Salvos Pick Up

For my class at Winter School I needed some soft linen type fabric.
Paid the Salvos a visit this morning and found these 5 linen 10" squares with an edging.
A bargain at $4.50. Also found some cheese cloth at Spotlight.

Open weave and soft to handle.
 Orange and Cinnamon tea bags, the smell wafted through the house, beautiful.
It reminded me of Christmas.
 Moroccan Mint and one tea bag of Pomegranate and Raspberry 
They only changed a few shades, happy with them as you can see a small difference.
The other 3 are stark white. Might try one with the blackcurrant tea bag.


  1. Old pieces of linen that have been washed many times are unbelievably soft, but still strong. You are well prepared for School.

  2. Blackcurrant might give you some good colour. I used to work with someone who drank one of those red teas (don't remember which) and it stained everything it touched.