Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Aus-NZartquilts 10 Challenge

 Victorian State Rose Garden this morning, grey skies, drizzly rain and cool winds.
Thanks to the rain, the roses were watered.
 "Brass Band"
 Finished piece, celebrating 10 years of volunteering, March 2016.

 Some of us sheltered under the pergola and deadheaded the roses surrounding it.
 Each of us have adopted a bed, mine is "Savoy Hotel", pale pink.


  1. Not a great day for working in the garden today. Lovely to see your finished representation of 10 years there.

  2. The rain drops add to the beauty of the roses, wish I could smell them too. I spied the special knot in the Savoy Hotel bed!

  3. Knowing how much planning (and suggestions from others) went into the Rose Garden piece I am pleased to see it finished and looking so lovely.