Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ueno-koen Park

We spent the day at the Park.
Found another manhole cover, this park is well known for it's collection of Cherry Blossom trees.
Lining the walkways are these beautiful lanterns of various pictures.


 The National Peony Garden is beautiful.
 The collection of colours are amazing.

 The plants are covered with these straw type tee pees to protect them from the snow.

 I love this cut out in the gate.
 5 Storey Pagoda.
 We were surprised to see Cherry Blossom out in flower.
 Flame Memorial to the victims of the Atom Bomb dropping surrounded by Origami Cranes.
 Beautiful posters in the Park.
 Interesting tree in front of the Kanei-ji temple
 At the edge of the Park is the Shinobazu Pond, with the Tokyo Skytower in the distance.
 The pond was covered in these seed pods.
Seed Pods
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum


  1. Those peonies are beautiful. I'm surprised they are in flower now, though. Were they in pots, or in the ground? Wondering if they've been grown in a greenhouse then put outside when in flower, rather than actually growing there in the ground?

  2. The seed pods are from the lotus, beautiful in flower and after, and the leaves are hydrophobic so water beads on them and looks like jewels. Those straw tee pees do a good job but look bizarre.

  3. The manhole cover certainly complimented the park. Beauty abounds!

  4. Love the seed pod. It inspires drawing and reproduction in different mediums.