Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tokyo Wanderings

Walked towards Tokyo Station via a different road and came upon the expensive shop area.
The weather is still quite cold despite the blue sky, the wind is brisk but much better than the rain and snow. Did 24,700 steps and now starting to feel it.

 Interesting pattern on a shop.
 Garage door to an unopened shop. The shops open either 10am or 11am to 10 pm at night.
 These billboards were beautiful. They are doing construction on the building and it is suppose to be a distraction to the works. Would love the iris one hanging on my family room wall.

 I would love another dog, this one wouldn't make a mess or complain if it wasn't taken for a walk.
Don't think he would fit in my case to bring home.
 There seem to be monkeys in several shops.
 This shop dresses ladies in formal kimonos for special occasions.
 Surprised to see several gingko trees had not dropped their leaves.
The symbol of the clam shell is obvious on several signs in Tokyo. Apparently it is not a clam shell as we think it to be, but a gingko leaf.
 Tokyo Station
 Decorative dome in the station.

 The famous Niju-bashi Bridge (Double Bridge) at the Imperial Palace.
Residence to the Emperor, occupies the site where Edo-jo, the Tokugawa shogun's castle once stood.
The grounds are surrounded by a moat.
 Every Palace in the world has a very serious, straight faced guard.
 Yasukuni-Jinji Shrine, is the memorial to Japan's war dead of around  2.5million souls.
The Tori Gates.
 War Museum in the grounds of the Shrine.
Japanese Bride Dolls: The majority of men killed in action during the Greater East Asian War were not married as they perished before marriage.
Wishing to comfort the souls of their sons and brothers, their families presented bride dolls to the Shrine, where these war heroes are enshrined.
 This locomotive served on the Taimen Railway between Thailand and Burma during the Greater East Asian War.
 Lunch, a hot bowl of noodle soup and deep fried prawns.
 Decorated sake barrels.
 Visited the Craft Museum on the way back.
These beautiful kimonos were displayed.

 Writing desk.
 Stationary set.
 Lacquer cigarette bowl and ash tray.
 Tea kettle with fan handles.
 Incense containers.
Loved this incense container.

After a long day, we are sitting in our room watching the sumo wrestling on TV.


  1. Good to see you are still smiling after all that walking, an interesting and varied day. Beautiful wood and lacquer ware at the museum.

  2. So much good stuff! The craft museum items are exquisite.

  3. Again Jenni I am loving 'travelling' with you. Some great and interesting photos.

  4. Interesting photos. Loved the shop patterns and the billboards.

  5. This was a very interesting day. Loved the Craft items and the pattern on the shop.