Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tokyo Quilt Festival - Part 2

This is a long post of a small sample of the quilts on display.
Hope you enjoy seeing them, I have tried to take a close up of them as well as the whole quilt.
Quite difficult with the crowd viewing them.
Wasn't able to get majority of the quilters  names.

 by Reiko Nakahara

 by Tokiko Yanazawa

Part 3 tomorrow.
I did not see a lot of the quilts as my tired old feet objected to the surface of the floor.


  1. You have done a remarkable job with the photos. Love the brown quilt at the top. Seems as if the craze is for loads of small pieces in a lot of quilts.

  2. Some really interesting and different designs and great quilting. Well worth your tired feet.

  3. Wow! Incredible work. Thanks you for adding the close-up views, they show how mind-blowing the whole pieces are.

    Now you need a quiet day in a garden or something to recover!

  4. Enjoyed an extended viewing of these over a cup of tea, stunning work. I particularly liked the log cabin variations and the use of fabric. Thank you.

  5. Thanh you so much for posting these pictures, the workman(woman) is just amazing. I agree with Jeanette re the log cabin variations, I love the butterfly ones.

  6. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful quilts.
    It was mind blowing to see the various interpretations on Log Cabins. Many of those quilt masters are invited each year and you can sometimes see a quilt from a distance and know who made it.
    I agree that the scope of the show, the crowds and the matted floor (they cover the baseball field's artificial grass with plastic 'tiles') tires you out.