Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mt Fuji and Hakone Day trip

We booked a day trip to Mt Fuji and Hakone.
In November 2014, too much Autumn cloud to view the mountain, so I was hoping today would be ok, being winter and clear skies, we saw it. The road up to the 5th Station was closed due to snow, so our tour guide took us around another way to see it. So lucky, as we were the only bus.
Hakone is well known for it's wooden mosaic puzzle boxes.
Couldn't resist buying some, I love boxes and containers.
Hope the instruction to open the square one is in English, there are 7 steps to it.
Rounding the bend, it came into view.
 Mt Fuji in their backyards.
 We had a beautiful clear view and within 2 hours it was covered in cloud.
 Despite the snow on the way up, it wasn't all that cold, but a little windy.

 Is this man digging his way to China?
 Stopped at Lake Kawaguchi to ride the Mt Kachi Kachi cable car to view the mountain.
 Overlooking the pristine lake.

 Our traditional Japanese lunch consisted of this container.....
 ....and after taking off each section's lid, there were morsels of sashimi and tempura. 

 Final bowl was miso soup and a bowl of rice.

After lunch enjoyed a relaxing cruise on Lake Ashi, Hakone.
These 2 ships passed us on the lake.
 Rice fields, they are planted in May and harvested in November.
 Our tour concluded with a bullet train trip back to Tokyo Station.
Boy's Toys.
 Arrived back at the station at 5.15pm, already quite dark.
Stopped for more sushi for dinner.
The precision of the chef cutting the fish with a razor sharp knife was fascinating.


  1. Hooray for Mt Fuji!

    Those little boxes are lovely. The lunch container is like an Indian tiffin, with different food in each section. Fascinating!

  2. Fabulous views of the mountain and surrounds.

  3. Love those little boxes and the lunch container. Fascinating way to eat, each little one having something different in it.

  4. What a wonderful day you both had! It is raining here!!!!!