Sunday, January 24, 2016

Final Post for Quilt Festival

Grand Prize Winners
 Japan Quilt Grand Prix - First Prize
"WOW, Bananas" by Miwako Mogami

 Japan Quilt Grand Prix - Second Prize
by Hiroko Nakazawa
"i love!"
 by Yoko Izumi
Competition winners of the handbags.

The replica of William Morris' home.
 The William Morris Exhibition

 The Japanese version of quilts using the William Morris range of fabrics is very different to what we have seen at home. The fabric was used on this Kimono.
 The handbag exhibition.


  1. Nice to see the prize winners. The "Bananas" one is unexpected - it looks more western than Japanese.

  2. More stunning pictures, so much to take in. The handbags are beautiful, there must be a story behind that Four Generation bag, particularly the handles.

  3. Fabulous work. I loved the handbags particularly the black one with the flowers. I agree with Vireya about the Bananas one...looked so 'un-Japanese'.

  4. It is lovely to see so many different bags being made. Leesa Chandler would be in heaven.

  5. Thank you for sharing so many pictures from the festival!

  6. Thank you for sharing so many pictures from the festival!

  7. Another set of great pictures!
    Before the show, when I read the poster, I expected to see Michelle Hill (whose design workshop I took in Birmingham UK some years ago) and her stunning William Morris quilts. I was disappointed to see neither, but glad to read that you bumped into her. The organisers made a grave mistake in not displaying some of her quilts. They are indeed different from what the Japanese quilters made out of William Morris' design and fabric.
    Did you notice that the bags were chained down? They are so popular that they easily 'walk away'!