Monday, January 18, 2016

Cold Tokyo

 Qantas have changed a couple of their planes to the old logo, John Travolta flies one similar to this.
Shame it wasn't him, as passengers got off it.
 Arrived in Tokyo at 5.30am (7.30am Melb time).
The doors opened and the cold air took us back. You could spot all the Aussies off the flight, we all had short sleeves on. I packed coats etc in our hand luggage and it was funny to see a lot of people with open cases changing into winter woollies after getting their luggage.
The monorail station is at the terminal and it was very easy to work out where to go. But I did do a of of research before we left.
 I picked a hotel close to the monorail station, so it would be easy to get back to the airport.
Walked out of the station to snow and slush. Sun is predicted for tomorrow.
We did a trial run to Tokyo Dome as I will be going on my own, while John goes to the Rail Museum. Very easy to find, with the help of the info staff at Hamamatsucho rail station.
 I bought a day ticket at the Dome, saves me lining up with hundreds of others.

 Tokyo Dome Baseball stadium's Hall of Fame.

After getting back we stopped for lunch in the arcade of many little Japanese cafes at the station.


  1. Great start to your trip, love the snow photos, what a contrast to Melbourne today. I think it is quite charming that Beatrix Potter is being celebrated at the show this year.

  2. Please bring back some of that weather with you...some of it but not the snow! Mid 30s here today. Looking forward to visiting the Dome with you.

  3. Stay warm! That snow looks amazing.

  4. Amazing snow. What a temperature change after here at home.