Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10 Inch "10 Year" Piece for Aus-NZartquilts

We were asked to do a piece connecting us with the last 10 years, as this is how long our online group has been going. I originally made a piece "Japan" but decided it did not fit the bill.

Our finished pieces are to be displayed at AQC Melbourne in April, so I put on the thinking cap as to what I could do.  It was mentioned recently that I had volunteered at the Victorian State Rose Garden, 10 years this coming March. I love going to the garden, being outside, listening to the birds and helping prune, deadhead and maintaining the roses. Some weeks I don't make it but when I do it is an enjoyable morning of getting out of the house and being among others who love it as well.
 An enlarged photocopy was placed on the reverse side and free motioned stitched in black. 
 Drew the garden beds and coloured them in roughly with my Derwents.
Each rose bed is to be stitched with french knots to represent the roses.
After finishing, the paths will be coloured in or stitched with pieces of dried tea bag paper.
A view of the Rose Garden, in the shape of a Tudor Rose with the Leaf and Bud.
Due to the weather we have lost some of the bushes and have 4600+.
The garden is in the side grounds of Werribee Mansion, K Road, Werribee. Free to enter and admire.


  1. Brilliant idea and very personal for you. Does this mean 4600 french knots? It will look fantastic with the beds all filled according to planting. Hope you hide a little Jenni in the garden, perhaps under a big hat.

  2. Great idea! It makes a lovely graphic design.

  3. You have come up with a brilliant design and your techniques will show it to its best. I am looking forward to seeing it 'in real life'.

  4. Love this Jenni. A fabulous idea to celebrate two different 10year anniversaries! Agree with Jeanette - you need to put yourself in there somewhere..

    1. Joy and Jeanette, a little bit of me, each volunteer has "adopted" a rose garden bed to look after. Mine is Savoy Hotel, a pink rose. In the bed of pink french knots I will do one knot darker pink to represent my adopted bed.