Friday, December 18, 2015

Sewing Under The Air Con

I have no idea what the temperature outside is at the moment at 3.40pm.
After early morning shopping, have hidden away in my sewing room with my small old fashioned air con on. Does the trick very well.

Sat and finished the appliqued centre of my Lori Smith Quilt.
Then started sewing together flying geese blocks with some blue fabric that I found hidden away.
Emerged from my room only to lay out on the cold tiled kitchen floor.


  1. The flying geese look great! I do love scrappy quilts.

  2. What a productive day! FYI it was very hot, over 40 here.

  3. I like the flying geese and the layout looks great.

  4. A fantastic way to combine the colours and use up the stash.