Sunday, December 27, 2015

Up The Hume

Decided on a last minute drive, to get out of the house and into the fresh air. 
Headed up the Hume Hwy towards the turn off to Yea.
 Flying Geese garden ornament.  
 Cafe roof and wall might make a good idea for a textile piece .
 For bit of a giggle, saw this in a paddock.
Someone has a sense of humor. 
 Poor guy didn't make it over the bales.
Very dry area, I often wonder how the trees still seem to be green.
There was some rain on the clouds.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Star is finally on the top of the Tree

Since 1 year old, Father and Daughter tradition for Christmas, the Star or Angel is placed on the tree. Missed one year when she was in London for Christmas.
No longer can she be lifted, I always get a photo of them together.

Santa wasn't sure how to wrap John's present.
Boxing Day jigsaw about to start while watching the cricket at the MCG.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Greetings

Christmas wishes to each and every one of you and your families. 
Many thanks for catching up on my 2015 blog.
I hope 2016 is year of good health, happiness and especially, friendship.
Enjoy your Christmas Day.
Love Jenni

6am Tradition

 Went this morning to buy our seafood at Conways, in Footscray.
A lot quieter this morning compared to previous Christmas Eve's
$118 each cooked crayfish, glad it is not one of my favourite crustaceans. 
To those who shell prawns, please put the shells etc in a bag in the freezer until garbage day.
One of our neighbours bad habits is to leave them in the rubbish bin outside in the heat...not pleasant!! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Re-calculating Geese

Sewn all flying geese blocks, have a lot of the strips over, trying to decide whether to put them in a border or sew together towards the backing.
Watched an interview this morning with Karen Jacobson, who is the Australian voice of Apple's siri. She mentioned that the word "re-calculating" is the most disliked word.
Karen is a singer, who will be singing at this year's Carols by Candlelight (Channel 9).
At one of her concerts, a lady came up to her and apologised for throwing her navigator, frustrated by being sent the wrong way.
One of my geese strips is flying the wrong way, hence the title "re-calculating". 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Red, White and Orange

Did a quick run to the Vic Market at 5.30am this morning.
Beautiful cool morning there, with a latte and ham/cheese croissant for breakfast.
Saw these cakes in the window, love the Snowman.
....and Orange
6am going over the Westgate Bridge. 
Beautiful but nasty colours of Summer. Stay safe and cool everyone.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sewing Under The Air Con

I have no idea what the temperature outside is at the moment at 3.40pm.
After early morning shopping, have hidden away in my sewing room with my small old fashioned air con on. Does the trick very well.

Sat and finished the appliqued centre of my Lori Smith Quilt.
Then started sewing together flying geese blocks with some blue fabric that I found hidden away.
Emerged from my room only to lay out on the cold tiled kitchen floor.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Exhibition at NGV - "Blue - Alchemy of a Colour"

This exhibition explores the colour of cobalt and indigo blue in art and craft of textiles and ceramics throughout Japan, Indonesia, India and China.
Interesting collection exhibited. Enjoyed it.

For those interested there will be a exhibition on at Kimono House, Melbourne.
BORO - The Thread of Life.
6-20 February, 2016
A collection of Japanese rag patchwork with photography by Darron Davies.
Japanese boro clothing and bedding on display.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

William Morris Find

It's strange how things just happen.
Number 1 - I was thinking of my good friend Jenni O this morning, went down to the computer to email a "hi" to her, and there was one from her to me to say "hi".
She mentioned recently that the Tokyo Quilt Show in January was exhibiting William Morris.
Googled it again this morning for another read.
Number 2 - Made myself a coffee and starting piecing more scrappy flying geese blocks. Dropped a tin of pins into the storage box underneath my sewing table.
Took everything out hunting for the pins and came across my "Coffee with William Morris" that I started several years ago. I knew I had put it somewhere, you know that "safe" place, 
but couldn't remember where. I was going through a blue and brown phase and was going to call it 
"Iced Coffee with William Morris".
Number 3 - I had started to do machine buttonhole stitch around the pieces. Wasn't very confident, thought I needed a lot more practice.
Saturday at our Geelong Guild Exhibition, I was rostered to do a couple of hours on the "Snuggle Quilts for Charity". I took over doing the machine button hole blocks. Pleased with the way they turned out. I can now put it down to my bit of practice.
Number 4 - This morning I printed off the $40 voucher for Spotlight, need some new cotton bed sheets and some visofix for a 10" piece I have to re-do.
Sitting next to my quilt top find was a roll of it. The sheets can wait until the Boxing Day sales!!!
Yesterday afternoon took a look in these drawers, hadn't opened them for about 12 months.
Found several meters of blue, couldn't remember what I had bought them for. Now have the fabric for the borders of the iced coffee quilt, will make that my machine project for 2016.