Monday, November 9, 2015

Westergarten Wandering

 Opened the drapes this morning to a sunny day, after 2 days of rain, and then within an hour fog rolled in, cleared about 1pm.
Please explain... these shoes are very popular.
 I was desperate for some "green grass", not the happy type that the smell blankets the air.
Amsterdam is all concrete, brown canal water and dullness in colour.
We got our bearings and wandered for a couple of hours and found the Westergarten Park.
We were greeted with fresh air and the smell of fallen leaves.
 The side of the houses entrances are tiled.
 These pink bikes are free to use, you ride and drop them where you end, somebody else will pick it up and ride off to their destination.
 Too late...
 Adorning a private balcony, not sure what they are supposed to be.
 Beautiful tiling beside a front door.
 Plenty of geese in the park.
 We sat by the pond to watch the ducks, then realised this crinoline dress was free floating.
 Pretty duck, not sure what breed, perhaps a baby who had not changed it's colours yet.
It was malting.
 Love these shoes, reminds me of a ladybug.
 Mother of pearl utensils seen in a shop window.
 Our first sign of fresh fruit, hanging out for summer berries when we get home.
Beautiful façade of a building we passed.
Just spent an hour packing for our flight to Singapore in the morning.
Very impressed, haven't had to expand the cases!!!

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  1. Have a safe flight. You are bring with you lots of wonderful memories Thankyou for sharing them and keen to see what Singapore is like now.