Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Windmills at Zaanse Schans

We took the local bus 391, from Platform E at the Central Station, to the area for the morning.
Another beautiful day, weather wise. The area is approx. 35 minutes out of central Amsterdam.
We have been lucky on all occasions, have missed the crowds by being early.
The Zaan area houses several windmills, workshops and warehouses from the 18th - 19th century.
There were hundreds of mills in the area but now only a few remain.
 Dye Mill De Kat
This is probably the last wind-powered dye mill in the world.
The industry once comprised of 55 dye mills.
The product of this windmill is colour-dyestuff.
From 1600 onwards tropical dye woods were imported in order to dye fabrics.
Painters made their paint by rubbing the dye powder into a medium such as linseed oil.
Het Jonge Schaap Sawmill (The Young Sheep)
This cap winder sawmill was demolished in 1942 and rebuilt by hand in 2007 
The craftsmanship was extraordinary. Remade using the wood from the Larch tree.
 The wood is soaked in the water to preserve it.
During the winter the water, being frozen, is used for the sport of speed skating.

 Process of cheese making.
Viewed the cheese making cottage.
 Traditional carved clogs that men wear on their Wedding day.
 The Brides clogs.
 Have seen below, my fair share of clogs now!!!!
One of the saw workers cottages.


  1. A very peaceful view of the cliche images of the Netherlands, the windmills stand proudly in the landscape but I agree with you about the clogs.

  2. The reflection in that still water is magnificent.

  3. Brings back great memories. You are a very good tourist and I do appreciate your on line diary.

  4. Loved the windmills. Skilled craftwork in the clogs but they don't look comfortable.