Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Singapore Sights

I know some will cringe at the idea, but we spent the day on the Hop On Hop Off buses, 4 of them.
A great way to see sights that you would never get to see due to distance and time.
Appreciated the cool breeze on the top of the bus.
Singapore looks a big place on a map, but most things are approx. 30 minutes walk from all hotels, the MTR trains are excellent. 24 hours return card costs us $4.40SPD
 Loving the window shutters on a lot of the old buildings.
 Singapore city has some amazing architecture, many with wall gardens.
 From modern architecture to the old traditional in Little India.
 Beautiful facades.

 These 2 were interesting, the close one looks paper thin.
The other side is tapered into a "v".

 Looked above eye level in Chinatown.

 Got a closer look at this Mosque, hexagon tiling.

 During the F1 races, these garages are where the cars are stored.
Singapore Eye, told it takes 30 minutes to go around.
In December 2015, Singapore is hosting the Para Olympics.


  1. It is so interesting to see the buildings from the different cultures all together in one city. Thanks for taking us on your wonderful trip.

  2. The Hop On Hop Off buses/trams are the way to go if you want to as much of a city as you can. Again I love your photos.

  3. The bus idea sounds sensible to me. You certainly got to see some wonderful sights.