Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day in Delft

 We caught the train this morning to Delft to visit the porcelain factory.
57 minutes out of Amsterdam. Passed fields being prepared for tulip planting, in the Spring, it will be a beautiful sight.
 The Royal Dutch Delftware Manufactory "De Porceleyne Fles/Royal Delft, established in 1653, is the last remaining Delftware factory from the 17th century.

 "The Nightwatch" is a painting made by Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). He is one of the famous Dutch masters and completed the painting in 1642.
The original painting measured approx. 13 x 16 feet.
480 tiles of 18 x 18 cm. The work on the tiles was painted by 2 master painters from Royal Delft, took more than one year to complete.
 Joost Thooft became the owner in 1653, his trademark signature is the J with a T across it and the sign of the vase.

 Perfume bottles.
 Going through the factory.
 The patterns are transferred onto the porcelain by placing a plastic sheet that has been pinpricked with the pattern and dusting it with charcoal. The paint is black and after firing becomes the traditional blue.
The paint brushes are made of squirrel hair. The master painter has a steady hand.
 Royal Delft produces 4 painting techniques:
DELFT BLUE - blue and white inspired in the 17th century by Chinese porcelain. 
POLYCHROME - multiple colours is a version of Majolica earthenware.
PIJNACKER - inspired by Japanese Imari porcelain, green and red, 24 carat gold as well as blue are used.
DELFT BLACK - inspired by Chinese lacquer ware.
 Delft also make ceramics.
 After our visit we wandered the lovely canals.
 City Hall at the Markt Square.
 A very large and luxurious late-gothic private house with a stone façade and turret built for Jan de Huyter, 1505.
Saturday Delft Market was on, these slices, a sandwich of gingerbread with an almond filling were delicious, we shared one together.


  1. I always thought that all Delft was blue and white so now I now there are others. That 'sandwich' looks particularly yummy!

  2. Yes I liked the look of the sandwich too. It looked like a very interesting factory to visit.