Monday, November 2, 2015

Bruges, Belgium

The city is preserved medieval town flanked by canals with graceful bridges.
Lovers Lake
Interesting dragon legs of the seats.
Bruges is a Flemish word for "Bridge".

A Japanese artist as built tree houses outside the Nunnery, Monasterium De Wijingaard where you are asked to walk by in silence. No photos allowed of the nunnery.

The homes have beautiful lace curtains at their windows.
 Horse drawn carriages are throughout the lanes of Bruges
Belgium waffles, what else can I say.....delicious.
 Exploring by boat, bridge by the Beguinage
 My manhole find for the day, jut wish I had some fabric for a rubbing of the one above.

 Beautiful glass windows of homes.

Holy Blood Basilica.
A magnet for pilgrims through the middle ages because it house a phial supposedly containing drops of Christ's Blood.
City Hall, 15th century façade includes statues of counts and countesses of Flanders.
 Belgium lace (kant), famous in this area.
Made from locally grown flax and silk.
The traditional way is by braiding and crossing bobbins around pins stuck in a paper pattern
The Lace shop
 Belgium chocolate...chocolate...and more chocolate.



  1. Love the seat dragon legs, the manhole covers, the glass windows and the lace. Stop photographing food...I am hungry and jealous!!!! .........After thinking about it..go ahead and keep taking photos of food..

  2. The horses head reminds me of the Grimms Fairy tail about the horses head that spoke as one walked past it!