Tuesday, November 3, 2015


We docked this morning to thick fog which turned out to be a beautiful day.
Called into the Rail Station to pick up our 72hour  "I Amsterdam" card.
After walking from A-B, then B-D, we finally found where we had to go.
Unfortunately Amsterdam is not a very clean city, also there is the lingering smell of "not tobacco"!!! 
The ornate decoration on the tower. The gold leaf shone in the sunshine.
We wandered the canals waiting for our room to be ready.
Kamikaze bike riders, you certainly have to watch where you are going, they appear out of no-where and do not stop for anyone.
Our I Amsterdam card allows us into the museums for free, so took advantage of it and popped into the Van Gough Museum.
Amazing exhibition, but was wondering if they were real as you could stand within a meter of the paintings. I was surprised that the majority of them did not have his signature on the corner.
He had a very sad life, shot himself in the chest in his mid 30's and died 2 days later.
The amount of work he achieved in such a short time was unbelievable.
He was a prolific writer and wrote every day to his brother Theo, which became an obsession.
He went mad, cut off his ear due to in house competitive painting with 3 other friends. They all tried to out do each other.

Van Gough became very interested in Japanese art and did several wood block prints in 1887.
My favourite paintings were:
The Pink Peach Tree
Almond Blossom (above)
The Pink Orchard
The White Orchard
Field With Irises Near Arles
We then wandered over to the Rijksmuseum, which we will visit in the coming days.

These patterned arches adorned the walls. Funny how you notice these sort of things!!
Underneath the walkway we stopped to listen to these classical music buskers.
They were brilliant. The acoustics of the brick ceiling under the walkway added to their music,
Our evening finished off with a walk through the retail area back to the hotel to find somewhere for dinner. The cheese shops are begging for us to stop and taste, pity we can't bring any home.


  1. I did a design workshop with Michelle Hill a few years ago and she encouraged us to look around at our surroundings for patterns. You then start noticing more about buildings, paving, fences, etc. Those wall arches do have quilt patterns!

  2. I can imagine some paper pieced quilts from the designs on the archways. The bricklayers have learnt quite an interesting art.