Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Zurich to Basel

Our airport hotel was within walking to the railway station.
We had to fill in a few hours before being driven by coach to the ship in Basel,
so decided to head into Zurich again.
The concierge suggested we get off the train one stop before Zurich, called Hardbruche and have a look at the new area that was industrial and rebuilt into the arts area.
As construction was still going on, we decided to walk into Zurich along the Limmat River, a 45 minute stroll.
This part of the river has been cordoned off into the summer swimming area.
 Switzerland is the land of clocks and chocolates.


We arrived at the ship to this view from our room,
 Our ship, Scenic Jade, alongside 3 others ships at the dock.
Awoke this morning at 3am to sound of grinding, our ship was going through one of 8 lochs during the night.

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