Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Black Forest, Germany

 This morning's optional excursion was a walk through the Black Forest.
The ground was covered with fallen leaves with beautiful
wildflowers. Wild apple trees were in abundance.
Moss covered trees
Rocky outcrops

 Farmers stack their wood, these are for auctions.
They auction off the stacks to make extra income.
 Varieties of mushrooms, though not all are safe to be eaten.
 The Black Toadstool

 Included was a tasting of Black Forest Cake.
A steam train ride through the forest concluded the morning.


  1. Plenty of inspiration here for art quilts. And how was the 'real' black forest cake?

  2. I can hear the "A Walk in the Black Forest" tune in my head now!

  3. Loved the photos of the fungi. That cake looked delicious