Friday, October 30, 2015

Some More Quilts from OEQC

 "Befreiung" by Gabi Heimann, Germany
"Het Nederlandse volk" by Sylvia Kaptein, The Netherlands
 "The Emperor's Garden Party" by Marijke van Welzen, The Netherlands
 "The People are a World of Colours" by Tamar Ophir, Israel

 "Snapshot's People" by Maria Ragusini, Italy

 "Discoveries" by Claudia Scheja, Germany

 "Hexagonia" by Ans Schipper-Vermeiren, The Netherlands

 "Redifined Borders" by Jette Clover, Belguim
 Below are some of the quilts that did not have a label, loved the textiles on them.

 Below, some more quilts by Blanche Vandebroek, Belgium



  1. another intriguing selection of works. Lovely to see the exhibition through your eyes, beauty in the ordinary seems to be a theme.

  2. Now that's a great way to showcase your flying geese.

  3. Some more beautiful work. I always find it hard to pick my favourite at shows.