Friday, October 30, 2015

Open European Quilt Championships, Maastricht, The Netherlands

 Timing was perfect!!!
We docked in Maastricht this morning to the 1st day of the OEQC, and we sail tonight.
A small sample of the 141 quilts that were judged.
The MECC convention centre was a 25 min walk from the ship, spent the morning there.
 I was impressed that the wonderful quilt exhibition was spread...
 out in rows that you could walk in between the quilts and see the backs of them.
There was no need for quilt angels to lift for their backs to be seen.
Also exhibiting private works were:
Annelies Ghyselen - Belguim
Chantal Guillermet - France
Jette Clover & Katriina Flensburg - Belguim & Sweden
Gail Lawther - UK
Noga Shraibman-Cohen - Israel
The Lace Museum - The Netherlands
Niza Hoffman - Israel
QuilTrio - Israel
Dineke Ugen - The Netherlands
Elly Prins - The Netherlands
Fifteen by Fifteen - International Group
 "Maiko" by Grace Meijer, UK
 "Bubbles of Joy" by Anne Lillholm Jorgenson, The Netherlands

 Several guest exhibitors from Israel.
QuilTrio - Israel
I had a long chat with one of the 3 girls, she explained that they do a lot of round robin quilts.
This one above, a photo is taken, cut into 3, enveloped and each chooses an envelope.
They make their piece to match the photo.
 "Mother's Dream" by Margarita Schuh, Germany
Exhibition by SAQA - U.S.A.
 "Pineapple" by Pnina Ofir, Israel
 "Red Tartan" by Linzi Upton, U.K.

 This little piece was fabulous, stitched blue jumpers.
 Best of Show
"Why" by Beatrice Bueche, France

 The Tentmakers of Old Cairo - Egypt

 These 2 pieces of fabric were used in the Patchwork Guild Of Germany.
The theme was Log Cabin.
There are 6,000 members in the Guild.
 Each piece 80 x 80 cm
 A sample of the 250 quilts.
 3 floors of traders.
 An exhibition by Blanche Vanderbroek, Belgium.

My purchase, a box of fabric and pattern from a shop in Amsterdam.
(Thank you Emma for my birthday euros).


  1. Wonderful! It doesn't look very crowded. I don't know how I feel about the "Best in Show". Obviously amazing work, but not something I would want to look regularly.

    Forgot your birthday the other day. Hope it was fantastic!

  2. Great staging of the exhibition, quite a different body of work it seems. Birthday wishes from me too, love your choice of gift.

  3. Wow! That exhibition would blow your mind!

  4. Great to see the tentmakers at the show. Loved the bubbles quilt especially.

  5. Fantastic exhibition. I actually love the 'bubbles' quilt.