Saturday, October 24, 2015

Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments & Rhudesheim

 I wasn't all that keen on going to the Museum, but so pleased I did, it was fascinating.
 Whoever designed these instruments centuries ago, were very clever.

 Was waiting for a monkey to come and sit on this organ grinder!!
 When in Germany, you just have to have apple strudel.
We asked for a slice but didn't realise it came with custard, ice-cream and rich cream.
Had to be polite  and eat it, didn't I.....
 Also came with their traditional coffee mixed with brandy and cream.
The brandy is burned off thank goodness.
We decided to walk back to the ship....
 Drosselgasse Lane, a laneway of taverns.
Outside the Christmas shop.
P.S. wrote "orangery" in the previous post as you can guess I was still recovering from the brandy coffee. The walk back really didn't help, just made us look good as if we were exercising.


  1. Have you seen any Christmas markets yet? Or will you?

  2. Yes, must have apple strudel in Germany. But look at the cream on top of the coffee. I would be walking around the ship as well.....

  3. All this really brings home to you the short history of European settlement here.

  4. You've got to include at least one decadent food photo! Yum!