Wednesday, October 28, 2015


 This lady statue, is waiting for high tide to jump off the high wall, I think she will be waiting a long time!!
 We have these gadgets with ear pieces that we tune into when there is a group tour, you can hear the guide from several meters away. So you don't have to stand close and strain the ears to hear.
There is also a function that if you want to, you can take a guided commentary walk by yourself through the cities. We took that option here in Koblenz yesterday.
 The Ludwig Art Museum of Modern Art
 Looking toward the beautiful Basilica, Church of St Castor.
 Kaiser Wilhelm I, equestrian statue, the first Emperor of Germany.
 My daily find of a manhole.
 "German Corner" where the Rhine meets the Moselle River.
 It has been very misty each morning.
Ebrenbreitstein Fortress, which is reached by chair lift.
The medieval castle on this site was razed to the ground by the French in 1799.
In 1817, the Prussian government made Koblenz into a garrison town.
 The fortress is made of many tunnels.
The evening finished with sunset over Koblenz and a cocktail party at the fortress.


  1. Love the man hole covers especially when they are designed especially for that spot. There is a great book on them too.

  2. Did you take a rubbing of the manhole!!!! Again love the photos.